Monday, April 28, 2008

Color Scheme idea for formal living room

I have a couch very similar to this--a slightly less curvier version (the white Ektorp couch from Ikea). I thought I had grown tired of it, but this picture from Apartment therapy of its use by a swedish couple has breathed new life/inspiration into it for me.
I think I'll place it in the formal living room, paint the backdrop wall a dark chocolate and get a white retro looking coffee table (could use Ikea Lack turn on side, paint white, and place wheels on bottom). I even like the pink flowers in the vase they used. Pink would look good against a brown chocolate wall. I'd then hang the Knapp Ikea lamp in the room. Opposite from the couch I can place the 2 danish rope chairs. Could also get 2 more benjamin stools from Ikea and paint white to use as side tables for the couch. Sorry for the rambling. I need to remember this idea for later.

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