Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If Google was a church, I would worship there.....

Google is so awesome. I could not live without it. I just discovered this new tool from Google.
3D sketch up.

Budget Bar Stool Ideas

1. (Target) Retro Barstools (2 for $130)
Catalog # : 10714248 ASIN: B000XE7U56

2. (Target) Luigi Bar Stools (2 for $266)
Catalog # : 10651458 ASIN: B000TY1D44 DPCI: 242-06-1980

3. Walmart turquoise ($90)

4. Walmart white stool ($63)

5. Target (2 for $200)


So beautiful....the bubble chair. Found here on Fifilynn's photostream.

MOD Music: Bitter:Sweet

This music is so Mod! lounge-y. Good for a party. All their songs sound good, I may have to buy this album.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Coolest Kids Room!

This is the coolest looking kids room I have seen in a long time. Love the big windows and the ugly dolls on the wall. Photos are from Design Dad's photostream on Flickr.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Like the coffee table

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modern kids seesaw (from Ikea of course).

many lights

Ikea Hacker - light

Ikea Hacker - light
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Idea for my Ikea knappa light, if the house we end up with does not have an overhang space for a light.

the first impression

the first impression
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nice use of ikea lack shelves. He used this product for the under lighting:

Color Scheme idea for formal living room

I have a couch very similar to this--a slightly less curvier version (the white Ektorp couch from Ikea). I thought I had grown tired of it, but this picture from Apartment therapy of its use by a swedish couple has breathed new life/inspiration into it for me.
I think I'll place it in the formal living room, paint the backdrop wall a dark chocolate and get a white retro looking coffee table (could use Ikea Lack turn on side, paint white, and place wheels on bottom). I even like the pink flowers in the vase they used. Pink would look good against a brown chocolate wall. I'd then hang the Knapp Ikea lamp in the room. Opposite from the couch I can place the 2 danish rope chairs. Could also get 2 more benjamin stools from Ikea and paint white to use as side tables for the couch. Sorry for the rambling. I need to remember this idea for later.

Merry Manilow Monday!

IKEA Haarlem

04/02/2008 IKEA Haarlem
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Love these little night light guys from IKEA.

HH Kitchen

HH Kitchen
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I love simple kitchens (flat cabinet doors-no ornamentation) with no overhead cabinets. Gives such a more open feeling.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Random Inspiring Pics for the Day - Happy Friday Y'all!

I love Volkswagon Beetles and Vespas. I don't necessarily want one of either but I think they make for great art. I want to do some type of painting, quilt, etc of a vespa soon. The bottom pics are of an art rug by Polly Apfelbaum. I love the colors. Very inspiring.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


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Gotta save this for next Christmas!

Eichler Dining Room

Eichler Dining Room
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Multiple color wall idea.


Originally uploaded by Lorena & David
Love this obnoxious green color! Idea for a bathroom.

Kitchen to shag room

Kitchen to shag room
Originally uploaded by Fifilynn
I like the bright blue against this color cabinet and the white counter tops.

Shag pad

Shag pad
Originally uploaded by Fifilynn

Love the bike as art

Inside pool house
Originally uploaded by Fifilynn

Cool Paint Idea for an Office

Closet painted!
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green wall

Originally uploaded by supershoppertoo
I like this green color in a kitchen.

How to make your own version of an ugly doll

1. You need a pattern.
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See link for directions on Flickr.

Gary Looks Nervous

Gary Looks Nervous
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Another idea for the kids room. Too cute!


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Another cute one from flickr. Caption: "Illustration from the italian kid's book "Andrea e Renatino" (1962), written by the late italian actor and singer Renato Rascel and illustrated by Ennio Di Majo. "
This is from the same book/author as the pic in the last post.

New Flickr Discovery

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Discovered a cute Flickr pool called "Retro Kid" via Ward Jenkins art blog (see sidebar). So cute!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Red Amongst Snow

Red Amongst Snow
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This photo "speaks to me". So pretty.

I think I need to save up for a Canon

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I think I need to save up for a Canon camera. I've been discovering beautiful pictures lately out there like this photo from and photos on CherylThinkTank's blog.

Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm in Love!

Looking at houses on the market as we are moving this summer. I am in LOVE with this one! I love all the glass and high ceilings. It is about 30K over our budget though. Sigh.......

IKEA Hacks

Two Ikea Hacks I really like from the Ikea Hacker website (see sidebar). The long table re-used legs from another Ikea table. The second pic of shelves used to store bath towels.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

High Contrast

I like this high contrast look with the white against the dark chocolate. Found here on Twenty Twenty-one. A bedroom headboard idea perhaps.....