Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A reminder for later

A reminder for later. I would like to hang another spiral clock in the kitchen or foyer. This one is $40 at modernruby.com


Beautiful images via the Volksfaden website.

Groovy Checkbook Cover

A Mod looking checkbook cover from an Etsy Seller.

Monday, August 11, 2008

ARCO style lamp

MPO Designs

Sneek Peak of new Playroom off Kitchen

This is the new playroom we made off the kitchen so the boys can have a space downstairs to keep their toys. I wanted it off the kitchen to keep an eye on them while I cooked, etc. So the actual dining room area is a playroom, the dining table is in what is supposed to be the formal living area (we have no use for "formal" anyway). Our couch is in the family room on the other side of the kitchen. Most of the items in the play room are from IKEA. I love the Expedit shelves that divide the room. I also love the Knappa chandelier we hung. I've been wanting to hang that thing for months!

I am going to paint this whole wall with Chalkboard paint.
Don't tell my husband! If he doesn't like it, I can just paint
over it. The room needs some drama.

Table is off center in the room so the boys can ride their trucks around the house.

IKEA Products used in the playroom:
See Saw
Circular Rugs
Boxes for Shelves

Hardwood Floors Makeover in the new House

Here are some soon after pics taken of the new hardwood floors we had put in the new house. The "before" was an old grey carpet. I hate having carpet in high traffic areas especially with little ones.
I love the new floors. We also painted the boys' playroom blue and lime green (although the lime green turned out more yellow than we had liked).

The BEFORE carpet: Grey with a pink border.

The formal living room (with shoji looking type screens that
the previous owner made...I like them/ am keeping them).

Cute Zoo Blog spotted

Found this cute blog by artist Julien Chung. Looking at this blog gives me some good decorating/craft ideas for my sons' room. The pictures of the above animals, however, are from an artist in Maastricht, Netherlands (a city I love!). See his post/blog.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Circular Rugs

Not my photo (found on flickr) but I got these same round rugs at IKEA last week for our downstairs playroom. I love them. I got 4....need to get some more to fill out the space. They were 10$ a piece. Will post a playroom pic later when finished.

Groovy Carpet seen on SoCalModern.com

Hard to see in small pic, but a nice modern blue and brown carpet seen on SoCalModern.com (a real estate site). Also below is a shot of the new IKEA patio line (also from the above website).

Monday, August 4, 2008

We are in the new house!

We are in the new house (the first one described in this earlier post.) I love having all this space! The boys seem to be happier here too with all the room to run around. We are still unpacking and organizing. Haven't set up the camera/computer connection thing yet. More pictures to follow
soon. We pulled up all the old grey an pink carpets and put in hardwood in the living and dining areas. We put dark grey tile in the master bathroom and a brown "frizze"/shaggy carpet in the bedroom and upstairs.

P.S. These are "before" pictures....decor of the previous owner. I love all the windows on the back side of the house!