Saturday, September 6, 2008

Replica Ugly Doll Art & a green wall

I removed some big brown built-in bookcases from our sons' room and low and behold found a hole in the wall! I had to cover up the wall or re-install the bookcases. So I decided to cover it up with some home-made kid art. I got a large canvas from the craft store and some fabric and made an applique quilt top of an ugly doll and then staple gunned it to the canvas and voila! It measures 40 in w x 30 in h and cost $27 to make. I like it. The pictures however, are not good (can't wait to get a decent camera) and the color of the fabric is all wrong though--not a good enough study in contrast. It's a good enough solution though to hide the hole. I worked with fabric because I'm afraid my 3 year old son would find a way to rip up a real painting. I also painted their wall a chartreuse green. I used the outline of this doll to trace another on some soft fabric to make a playdoll for them. (will post later when finished).

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