Thursday, September 4, 2008

The new house....coming along with paint, etc

Here are some pics of the new house. We have been here a little under 2 months. I painted one wall of our family room a robin egg blue, which inspired me to finally getting around to taking some pics of the other rooms too. Still a work in progress.....

Blue wall painted in family room.

I would like to place an arco style floor lamp here behind the couch, but I am saving up for a camera first.

This is a cheap beige carpet from walmart or somewhere with IKEA circular rugs placed on top. I love how it looks and I didn't have to spend $$ on a real modern rug.

Family room looking towards kitchen.

Looking into the family room from the deck (trying to get a wider angle shot but it is hard; the family room is pretty small).

Sewing/painting studio.

Sewing/ painting studio. I have not yet decided on a color scheme for this room/ nor am I motivated yet to paint it.

The other side of the sewing room....a space for yoga complete with a Yoga Jesus pic.

green yoga blocks, strap and my neighbor's patio (they have a nice patio).

My beautiful son....current trouble maker/ future heart breaker.

Dining room table orchids (fake...I'm a plant-killer)

HELP: A fireplace in the dining room that I don't like. It is grey and pinkish marble. Any ideas anyone?????

Front door....thinking about painting inside of door black. Opinions?

Upstairs playroom. Wall was supposed to be chartreuse green but came out more yellow. My son wants me to re-paint it but I am too lazy right now.

Trouble maker part deux.

Here comes trouble now!

In family room looking out back windows.

View of the downstairs play area (off kitchen) with blackboard wall.

Dining area on other side of play area. (separated by 2 IKEA expedit bookcases to hold toys)

Master bedroom. We painted the back wall behind the bed a putty color.

View of master bedroom looking out door.

Bedside Buddha.

Master bathroom. I'm thinking of painting the cabinets black to match the black trim around the windows above the bath tub.

Downstairs playroom. (not usually this's a disaster by dinner time).

Kitchen table. I LOVE Ikea's Knappa lights (I have 2). And they are only $24!

This is the faux panel over the bath tub I need to replace. Previous owner made it. The effort is incredible, but it's not my taste. Looking for some blue/green window film to install here for privacy. Can't take the butterflies down now or the neighbors will get a show.

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