Monday, August 11, 2008

Sneek Peak of new Playroom off Kitchen

This is the new playroom we made off the kitchen so the boys can have a space downstairs to keep their toys. I wanted it off the kitchen to keep an eye on them while I cooked, etc. So the actual dining room area is a playroom, the dining table is in what is supposed to be the formal living area (we have no use for "formal" anyway). Our couch is in the family room on the other side of the kitchen. Most of the items in the play room are from IKEA. I love the Expedit shelves that divide the room. I also love the Knappa chandelier we hung. I've been wanting to hang that thing for months!

I am going to paint this whole wall with Chalkboard paint.
Don't tell my husband! If he doesn't like it, I can just paint
over it. The room needs some drama.

Table is off center in the room so the boys can ride their trucks around the house.

IKEA Products used in the playroom:
See Saw
Circular Rugs
Boxes for Shelves

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ninaribena said...

Oooh, thankyou for your comment. Nice blog and nice storage idea in your playroom too! I also have a knappa light (in my study) - LOVE it! Love your idea about the chalk board wall too, that certainly would add some drama! Nina x