Thursday, May 29, 2008

Articles on Growing Bamboo

Flickr Photo from Here.

Flickr Photo from Here.

As mentioned in an earlier post, I love bamboo and have thought of planting it outside our bathroom window for privacy. I am very afraid however of its out of control growth rate that I have heard of. Would it damage the house/foundation if it got too close? Just some bookmarked article below to read up on.


Planting Bamboo in the Landscape
Planting Bamboo
Planting it worth the risk?
Growing bamboo in containers and growth control
Growing Bamboo


I likE plants! said...

Cool pictures!!!


Kevin said...

Hey Yo!
I stumbled across your blog while doing a blog search for "growing bamboo". It's a topic of interest to me. I have 18 varieties of bamboo growing in and around my yard. It is very unlikely that bamboo will damage the foundation of your house. The runners (rhizomes) have soft growing tips which are easily turned away by any barrier they encounter. Thick plastic is used as a barrier around bamboo plantings to keep it from spreading. Also, by pruning the rhizomes one can keep bamboo confined to a specific location. You may be able to grow a clumping type of bamboo. There are some good nurserys in the southwest which are easy to find with a web search.
Good Luck